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Ren Harvieu and her dazzling Jazz-Noir pop

Gliding out behind the curtain of backstage into the spotlight Ren Harvieu stirred a silence into the room of the rowdy crowd waiting for Benjamin Francis Leftwich at Manchester’s Academy. Her pale skin glowing under the light and her oil black hair slipping over her face carelessly, the songstress held a hand up to the mic and closed her eyes. A humble set up of drums, keyboards and guitars collided together to create a sweeping orchestration to accompany the Salford lasses voice.

Her smokey alto began to ooze over the crowd and her passionate crooning transformed the dingy Academy into a lonely midnight walk across the park, a lone moon staring blankly down from the night sky. Ren was a pained woman and a lingering soul caught in a perfect moment straight from a David Lynch film. The street light cast a shadow of unrequited love upon her and she sang her blues with a haunting sadness. When Ren speaks inbetween songs her wavering voice and strong Salford accent is timid and shy yet as soon as she sings her wounded cry filled with emotion is powerful and domineering, she may be singing of sadness but this girl isn’t one to stand down.


This year Ren had recovered from a critical state of being bed ridden regaining use of her back and legs after a nasty drunken collision which involved people jumping over a fence at a party in a field. It has been a tough year but the glimmer of hope is her excellent new album being released. Miss Harvieu is still gathering fans and making a name for herself but with her striking image, voice and visuals such as the video for her debut single Through The Night with kaleidoscope colours refracting through chandelier droplets shadowing the starlets face and shots of the sun’s ray flaring the lens to create a dreamy 35mm haze, many will soon fall for her unique charm.

Performing at The Ruby Lounge the 23rd December Ren Harvieu is sure to put on a dazzling show to get everyone she serenades feeling festive. Next year will hopefully be another big one and I can’t wait to see what spectacular album, enchanting videos and gorgeous visuals Ren delivers in 2013.


A Blog is Born…

Welcome reader!

My name is Tom and I am an Art Foundation student at Manchester Met Uni. This is the beginnings of what I hope will be a big blog full of opinions, words, sass ect.

Having always had a presence on twitter and tumblr commenting on Feminism, fashion, Downton Abbey and god knows what else I feel like a proper place for my writing and musings is much needed. Statements become quite throwaway in the lightning speed refresh pace on twitter and having engaged in many interesting political conversations on there I didn’t want any future ideas and thoughts to be lost too quickly.

I have dozens of word documents in a file on my computer about cultural related topics being left unread. I thought I could post these to get them ‘out there’ and even if a handful of people stumble across them then it will all be worth sharing them. Posts will probably range from comments on television shows to contemporary art, feminism to recent gigs, film reviews to books I’m reading and so on.

I hope to add my viewpoint to the larger and varied conversation of these different topics and if there isn’t already a conversation, then I can try start one!

Watch this space for what I’m sure we all hope is juicy exposés and critical analysis into the depths of intriguing subjects that have yet to procure such shocking scandal!

Sincerely looking forward to future bloggins



Me amidst the mud at Secret Garden Party